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  • Michael Sikorski - 2034
    After graduating in 2015, I spent a year in Madrid, Spain on a Fulbright scholarship working on a pretty neat medical research project and traveling all over. I am now in my second year of an MD-PhD program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. I am living in a great row home in Fed Hill only a short walk to the Orioles and Ravens stadiums, and I would welcome a visit from any Phis visiting Baltimore, any time.
  • John Charles Ford - 778
    Just returned from the July Kleiberg Emerging Leaders program in Oxford, Ohio - 1100 Phis in attendance --, including MD Alpha president, Anthony Busa and TJ Coughlin " Honors College Whole Man Scholars. I was invited as a Fellow and fully participated in all activities in addition to mentoring a group of 20 Brothers from across the global spectrum. My first visit (after 55 years as a Phi) to GHQ and great to know what splendid shape our Fraternity is in. A highlight was a group of Fellows reading the Bond aloud in the "room where it happened" in 1848 - the room in Old North (now Elliott) Hall occupied by Brother Robert Morrison and where the original Bond was composed and ascribed by its six founders. We have a noble heritage indeed. At 75, still working as a consultant full-time along with husbanding and grandfathering in the heart of New York City.
  • Delano Jackson Schmidt - 1776
    We welcomed our 3rd (and final?) child, Emmett Fitzgerald Schmidt on April 15th 2017 joining sisters Rory (5) and Piper (2). Currently residing in Towson, MD with my wife Meghan (UMD Alpha Phi '04). I have been in the residential real estate business for the last 11 years and currently run my 4th generation family company, Chase Fitzgerald.