As a collegian, you probably weren’t always aware of the valuable lessons you were gaining from your membership in Phi Delta Theta. But now, after having left the chapter house behind and making your way in life, can you tell what lessons brotherhood in Phi Delta Theta taught you? As we reflect on that question, the first words that come to our minds are leadership and teamwork. Each of us developed and contributed in our own way, big or small, to sustain the chapter we inherited from those who came before us. Maryland Alpha taught us to focus on what we could do, not what we couldn’t.  

Our collegiate members carry on this can-do attitude through their positive impact on campus and in the community. This was evidenced last year by their strong GPA of 3.19 and a new member GPA of 3.34 (third best on campus), recruitment of 35 exceptional men, and the success of their annual Casino Night philanthropy event, raising $21,000 for LiveLikeLou, MedFund, and Terps Against Hunger.

Last fall, 40 generous alumni came together and raised $10,065 toward necessary chapter house updates. As a result of reaching last year’s goal, we were able to install three new sets of commercial washers and dryers in the basement. Your brothers saw the undergraduates’ need and knew they could make in impact. Alumni donations not only sustain our physical home, they provide an environment for our men to learn and grow as a team. Each contribution gets us one step closer to our goals.

Contributions to this year’s campaign will go toward the installation of solar panels on the roof. This will advance functionality and efficiency—preserving our house as the premier property on the University of Maryland campus. Not only will we save over $100,000 in energy bills over the next 20 years, but we will be the first fraternity or sorority on campus and first Phi Delt chapter in the country to go solar. We would be certainly recognized for our leadership.

As an alumnus, what can you do for Maryland Alpha? We encourage you to consider making a gift of any sizelarge or smallto the 2018 Maryland Alpha Chapter House Campaign today. Your gift, even just $25, will make an enormous impact on the campaign and all we have planned this year.

By giving back, you are doing more than making a donation—you are making a difference in the lives of our brothers. Join us as we demonstrate to a new generation of brothers what we can do when we come together and support our chapter.

You can make your gift today by by clicking the “Support the Campaign” button on the right hand side of this page. For your convenience, you may spread your gift over the course of a year by making monthly or quarterly payments. You can also set up recurring payments to charge your credit card automatically or draft your checking account. We made it as easy as possible to support this year’s campaign!

Please note, all contributions will be managed by the Nu Sigma Omicron Housing Corporation and used for housing corporation priorities.

Let us continue to build on the legacy of success you contributed to as an active brother. With your help, Maryland Alpha will not only transform the chapter house, but lives of countless brothers to come.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Chris Washburn, #1534                  Jeff Rivest, # 1037
Annual Fund Chairman                   Annual Fund Chairman


Please Note: Maryland Alpha partnered with OmegaFi to provide more consistent communication to alumni. Because OmegaFi is managing the alumni database, their return address, located in Columbus, Georgia, will appear on all publications going forward. 

If you are interested in making your contribution to the 2018 Maryland Alpha Chapter House Campaign with a check, please mail your check along with a Print and Mail Gift Form to:

2018 Maryland Alpha Chapter House Campaign (5321 – 1611)
c/o OmegaFi
P.O. Box 2187
Columbus, GA 31902