As our lives change so do our priorities. Work, spouses, children, and civic commitments are all pieces of life’s puzzle that deserve our attention. Rightly so, as these things make us who we are. They define us.

I ask you to reflect on your life and your priorities. How did you get to where you are? How did you become the person you are today? For us, Phi Delta Theta played a big role in the men we are today. Your friends, your career, your family—do you see Phi Delt in any of them? Setting priorities is no easy task, but we hope you would consider your affiliation with Maryland Alpha to be one that you hold close to your heart.

Last year, 54 alumni showed their devotion to Maryland Alpha by contributing more than $13,900 to help with much-needed house maintenance, such as renovating the pillars and patching the roof. In order for the chapter to grow and improve, it must remain a priority with each of its alumni. Your support is critical in keeping Maryland Alpha strong for future members.

Our House Corporation has been diligently assessing the needs of the chapter and plans to raise a minimum of $15,000 to assist with continued house maintenance, including new air conditioning units for each room.

As an alumnus, we encourage you to consider making a gift of any size—large or small—to the 2019 Maryland Alpha Chapter House Campaign today. Your gift, even just $25, will make an enormous impact on the campaign and all we have planned.

To make your gift today clicking the “Support the Campaign” button on the right hand side of this page. For your convenience, you may spread your gift over the course of a year by making monthly or quarterly payments.

Please consider this opportunity and help the organization that made such an impact on your life. By making Maryland Alpha a priority, you are establishing its importance to you and creating a legacy for the chapter to cherish and build upon.

Yours in the bond,

Chris Washburn, #1534                  Jeff Rivest, # 1037
Annual Fund Chairman                  Annual Fund Chairman


Please Note: Maryland Alpha partnered with OmegaFi to provide more consistent communication to alumni. Because OmegaFi is managing the alumni database, their return address, located in Columbus, Georgia, will appear on all publications going forward. 

If you are interested in making your contribution to the 2019 Maryland Alpha Chapter House Campaign with a check, please mail your check along with a Print and Mail Gift Form to:

2019 Maryland Alpha Chapter House Campaign (5321 – 1840)
c/o OmegaFi
P.O. Box 2187
Columbus, GA 31902